Episode 55 – Roaring News

In this edition of Roaring News, Dave covers the release of Apache Metron based HCP 1.3 and an HBase vs Cassandra benchmark battle. Jhon talks about some Spark tuning and scheduler inner-workings and finishes with a tale of a compliance kettle… Continue reading “Episode 55 – Roaring News”

Episode 54 – Hadoop sizing part 1: One big cluster, or many small ones

In this episode, we took an online article by Chris Riccomini and give our take on the discussion on having a single big cluster versus many smaller ones. If you are architecting a Hadoop cluster and are faced with this choice, this episode should give you a lot of information on the subject. Continue reading “Episode 54 – Hadoop sizing part 1: One big cluster, or many small ones”

Episode 53 – Roaring News

In this episode of Roaring News, Dave brings up the newly released HDP 2.6.2 which incorporates IBM’s move from their proprietary IOP to HDP.
Jhon brings an update on the MLEAP story for productionizing your spark model. We finish off discussing the newly released Apache Atlas version 0.8.1

Episode 52 – Big data in travel

Over the summer, when your hosts enjoyed a well-earned vacation (well, we like to think we earned it) we could not stop being Big-Data Nerds and in this episode we talk about the Hadoop opportunities we spotted. Continue reading “Episode 52 – Big data in travel”

Episode 51 – Roaring News

In this news episode (our very first one), Dave is all-out on Artificial Intelligence and its use in naming “stuff”; for some subjects it apparently works very well, for other subjects not so much…
Jhon brings a blog on deploying new Kerberos functionality and a tutorial for Kafka Connect for those that have not really looked at it. The ensuing discussion on Nifi vs kafka is purely coincidental. Continue reading “Episode 51 – Roaring News”