Episode 244 – Holy Tracking Bat-Signal!

A couple of weeks ago, Signal pulled of a astonishing feat: not only did it do a remarkable job on getting the word out that the big ad companies are tracking you, they actually got Facebook to do most of the talking for them!

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Episode 243 – Open Source Safety

Continuing on last weeks Open Source Roundup, this time we focus on concept of security and safety with Open Source projects.

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Episode 242 – Open Source Roundup

Today’s episode features a roundup of Open source related topics, more specifically about the importance of communities.

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Episode 241 – Oracle: 0 – Free API: 1

After a decade of court battles, Oracle finally lost their case against Google about copying the Java API for use in Android. The fact that Java has not been part of Android since version 7 (Nougat) did not mean Oracle would stop the litigation. O, no… Oracle wanted their 9 billion dollar claim and they were prepared to go to the supreme court for that…

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Episode 240 – Yahoo Answers… R.I.P.?

Everybody’s favorite agony aunt is being put out to pasture and we felt we cold not let this occasion go unnoticed. Instead we decided to regale our audience with some of our favorite picks of the cornucopia that is Yahoo Answers! And yes, if you had totally forgotten it still existed, so did we…

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