Episode 215 – Roaring News

This news episode is pretty much dominated by IBM. The company has gone through so many divestments and reorganizations recently, the acquisition of Red Hat only one of the noteworthy events, that the sudden news about IBM tearing their IT infrastructure support organization away form the mothership was enough to have your co-hosts busy for most of this episode. We did find some time however to discuss the new Kubernetes GUI’s: Doom and Minecraft!

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Episode 214 – CI/CD with Chris Short (1/2)

We’re joined by Chris Short from Red Hat to discuss the ins and outs of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, often abbreviated to CI/CD. With years of experience under his belt, we let loose with every and all questions we could think of!

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Episode 213 – Roaring News

A hard task it was, but we actually found some technology news to discuss! I really feels like the world has more or less come to a bit of a standstill, the world holding it’s breath while we wait for the current troubles to go away.

But we prevailed and have 30 minutes of discussion on if you should build or buy your tech, if Kubernetes really is already last years news in favor of Serverless Compute and we end with a quick look at a nice visualization of “Data Fallacies”.

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Episode 212 – Intro to Containers and Kubernetes (6/6)

The end is in sight! After a heroic voyage across the plains of containers, we reach the mountain called Doom Kubernetes! Join us for this last foray in this epic saga where we look at Kubernetes, some of its alternatives and offer our opinion on the matter of adopting Kubernetes and the micro services architectures, or not…

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Episode 211 – Intro to Containers and Kubernetes (5/6)

Almost at the end of our journey, deep into the realms of containers and Kubernetes, we finally reach the destination that is Kubernetes. After this, we’ll round of this series of episodes with out closing summary next week.

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