Episode 235 – The CentOS [R]Evolution

Recently there has been some outcry from the community about Red Hat’s plans with their free CentOS distribution. Moving to the newly proposed “CentOS Stream” style of making the distro available does seem to make sense for Red Hat, but how does it affect the rest of the world?

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Episode 234 – The Kubernetes “EASY” Button

With the release of GKE Autopilot by Google, there is now an “easy” button for Kubernetes deployments everywhere. But is an easy button really what the world needs, especially for something as flexible, transformative and yes, definitely complex as Kubernetes?

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Episode 233 – Combating Global Misinformation & No More Cookies from GitHub

In this weeks episode, we give our take on how reliable the information on the internet really is. Also, is GitHub leading the way towards a cookie-less future? And if so, what will the consequences be?

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Episode 232 – Graph Data Science? Slack Outage Postmortem.

In this weeks episode we discuss NEO4J’s take on Graph Data Science and take a look at the postmortem that Slack released, following their world-wide outage a month ago.

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Episode 231 – Remote Working with Rodolphe @Remotive.io (3/3)

About a year ago, we had the lucky coincidence to have a discussion with Rodolphe Dutel on the subject of working remotely. Twelve months later, the world is a much different place and working from home has become the norm, especially in the more technical workplaces, we touch base with Rodolphe and get his insights and experiences.

In this final episode on the topic, for this year at least, we finish off looking at how we feel, think, hope and fear the situation will stabilize once the troubles are behind us.

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