Episode 250 – Emerging Technology Adoption

In the technology space especially, but in general as well, organizations need to “keep up” or become obsolete. But how fast should emerging technology be adopted, if at all?

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Episode 249 – Corporate Culture Impact (3)

Continuing our journey on everything about Company Culture, this episode focusses on what actually feeds a Toxic Culture and how one could potentially avoid going down that unfortunate path. Make sure to listen to the two earlier episodes on this topic if you want to get the full picture!

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Episode 248 – Microsoft Data sovereignty

Microsoft just release a blog post where the “guarantee” your data will no move out of the EU. Sounds great, but what are they really after…

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Episode 247 – Corporate Culture Impact (2)

In this second episode on Company Culture, we move away from the specific case of Basecamp, though we’ll still use it as an example. Specifically their new stance on how a company should distance itself from politics and social issues. Is that really a good idea? Is it even possible? Join us in this episode where we dive deeper into that aspect of Company Culture.

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Episode 246 – Old Dogs, New Clouds?

In this episode, we look at how old tech is trying to retake their glory days by embracing Cloud and Apparently, just plain automation is no longer enough…

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