Episode 302 – To be or not to be… a Manager

Continuing our series on career choices, today we go deep on the age old question: does career equal a manager position or is that a misconception? With your co-hosts having very different goals, this is sure to be a god one!

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Episode 301 – The (Career) Niche Trap

After the small pause, looking back at 300 episodes of Roaring Elephant goodness, we’re back this week dispensing career advice. This time we focus on the risks of allowing yourself to become stuck in a niche role that could hinder your career chances.

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Episode 300 – The Road to 300…

Three centuries of Roaring Elephant podcasts! Well, in number of episodes then… We don’t actually believe the universe would be able to survive actual 300 years of our content! 🙂 Why don’t you join us on this relaxing episode where we take a slow meandering walk down memory lane…

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Episode 299 – (Career) Change is Good!

Following on form last weeks discussion about career choices, we now discuss why, in our opinion at least, fear of change is rarely necessary and more often than not a cause for career stagnation!

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Episode 298 – The winding (career) path

As we have been active in the amazing world of IT for a while now and both of us are involved with the process of hiring people, Dave as a hiring manager and Jhon as a mentor and frequent candidate interviewer, we are going to try to share some of our experience and (let’s be brave) maybe even some wisdom!

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