Episode 114 – Roaring News

In this serving of bite-sized Big Data News we talk about the IBM takeover of Red Hat, a new Botnet going for unprotected Hadoop nodes and a somewhat disappointing Cloudera blog post. Continue reading “Episode 114 – Roaring News”

Episode 113 – H2OAIWorld London 2018 Roaring Report

Here is our H2O.ai World conference London Roaring Report. We had a blast and we hope that this episode can give you a good taste of what was going on.

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Episode 112 – Roaring News

In this last Big Data news episode for the month of November, we look forward to the H2O World event next week in London and we have articles on BI Maturity and the upcoming Apache Ozone project that will supplant HDFS in future Hadoop clusters soon(TM). Continue reading “Episode 112 – Roaring News”

Episode 111 – How Public Cloud changed Big Data

No interview this time but just Dave and Jhon talking about how public cloud changed Big data. Current news has brought this topic back to the foreground and we though it was a good idea to give our views on this subject.

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Episode 110 – Roaring News

Another week, another Big Data News episode. After going over all the event ticket giveaways that are currently going on, we have an article that goes over the basics on ETL vs ELT and have some fun with R graphs by the XKCD web comic. We finish with an in depth article on columnar data stores and a quick shout-out to Apache Nifi.

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