Episode 118 – Roaring News

In this Big Data News episode, we use an article on how some disgruntled open source projects tried to force the “net giants” to give back as an excuse to talk about open source ethics. The second article for today comes from the hand of Noel Sharkey about possible deception in modern robotics.

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Episode 117 – Big Data Disaster Recovery

When Big data projects mature from R&D projects to business critical components, it becomes important to look at how your environment can survive and recover from catastrophic failures.

Considering the not unimportant cost of a good Disaster Recovery plan, it is good to take a good look at your deployment and carefully weigh the good and bad on a granular level.

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Episode 116 – Roaring News

This Machine Learning heavy  edition of Big Data News, covers Boston School Bus schedules and Model interpretation using LIME. As a bonus, we have a great source of Nifi knowledge for you! Continue reading “Episode 116 – Roaring News”

Episode 115 – Anniversary three: I guess we’re in it for the long run now!

It’s been three years since we started this podcast and as we’ve done in previous years, we  invited the wonderful people that were a guest on our show in the past twelve months and made our little podcast so much better for our listeners! Continue reading “Episode 115 – Anniversary three: I guess we’re in it for the long run now!”

Episode 114 – Roaring News

In this serving of bite-sized Big Data News we talk about the IBM takeover of Red Hat, a new Botnet going for unprotected Hadoop nodes and a somewhat disappointing Cloudera blog post. Continue reading “Episode 114 – Roaring News”