Episode 377 – The Soul of Open Source

Nearing the end of the year, it’s a time of introspection. A time of deep soul searching, right? So what about the soul of open source?

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Episode 376 – HELP! We’re Replaced by GenAI ?!

In our 8th year celebration episode, it’s just business as usual. Or is it? Are sinister games of body snatching afoot?

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Episode 375 – API Takedown Massacre!

When the world is good, corporations give us APIs to connect to their wonderful contraptions. And then they take it away… Guess we really cannot get have good things…

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Episode 374 – The Robot Overlord Effect

Do computers, robots and A.I. serve us, or do they just serve as a good excuse?

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Episode 373 – Death by Abstraction

There seems to exist a motion where people only teach themselves “that” it works, but “how” it works is usually not part of the education. Whether due to time constraints or just laziness doesn’t really matter when it turns the world in a place where substandard becomes standard…

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