Episode 255 – The Perfect Team

Assembling a perfect team turns out to be closer to alchemy than science! During our research for the Corporate Culture series, we came across an article describing some research that was done by Google on the very subject. We really liked the article but feel it fell short on a couple of points, so here is us talking about our take on this subject.

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Episode 254 – The End of JEDI

This episode was inspired by the cancelation of the much talked about 10 billion dollar Pentagon JEDI cloud project. Do enormous single vendor contracts make sense? Is 10 years really a realistic timeline to limit the technological advances to a single provider? Well, the Pentagon ultimately decided against it (or did they?). Should you?

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Episode 253 – Corporate Culture Impact (5)

In this continuation of last episode, we discuss the remaining 4 items on the “Corporate Culture to-do list for the dream company”. We’re slowly closing off this series on the subject with one more, maybe two more episodes coming up. Do let us know how you are enjoying this series?

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Episode 252 – Open Source Snowflake

The SaaS technology company Snowflake has been in the news repeatedly, taking a firm stance on their views on Open Source and it is rather puzzling why they choose to do this…

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Episode 251 – Corporate Culture Impact (4)

After focusing on what can go wring when it comes to Corporate Culture and what the impact can be, we’re switching gears now and look at the alternative. During our research for this series we fortunately also came across content that covered how it would be possible to build a corporate culture that is supportive and nurturing and in this first episode, we’re looking at what kind of impact this can have on the organization and the people.

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