Episode 154 – Roaring News

In this News installment, coming to you courtesy of Dave and Endgaget, we talk about how the Osaka track is paving the way for data free flow across borders and take a look at the alleged problem with the UK’s facial recognition system. Ending on a “high note”, we discuss how Facebook and Googles (and a lot of other’s) MLPerf benchmark is going to change the way we look at our machine learning setups. Or not…

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Episode 153 – How Secure is the Future of Open Source?

The way open source software is being consumed has changed drastically: originally found on the fringes, open source technology has now become a core part of many organizations of all sizes. We take a look at the confusion and sometimes vocal irritation that has accompanied this adoption by “Big Business” and ask the question if the future of Open Source is in danger. Continue reading “Episode 153 – How Secure is the Future of Open Source?”

Episode 152 – Roaring News

Another fortnight, another roaring news episode covering this time: de-anonymizing anonymized data is reportedly easy, Kubernetes is easier than Big Data, Big Data is hard and hard to understand Kafka can be made easier using Factorio visualization. Continue reading “Episode 152 – Roaring News”

Episode 151 – Do you only need 6 principles?

A little while ago, Dave came across an article by Francesca Lazzeri titled “The Data Science Mindset: Six Principles to Build Healthy Data-Driven Organizations” and in this episode we’re giving our view and expand on those principles. Continue reading “Episode 151 – Do you only need 6 principles?”

Episode 150 – Roaring News

In this news episode, we use a nice little article on how you can help keep open source sustainable as a structure for a broader discussion on this subject. The second subject this time goes another round on the “data engineers are not data scientists” (and the reverse) subject. Continue reading “Episode 150 – Roaring News”