Episode 162- Roaring News

For this News episode we are joined by Niels and Carlo from Kuori.io and we discuss the need that some people have to build solutions using technologies that are not really suited for the purpose, while perfectly valid technology is readily available. In the second part, we discuss a whitepaper on “cloud native” and how it seems this drive towards to cloud is still very often a an exercise in marketing…

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Episode 161- The Cloudpod weather report Part 1

It cannot be denied that cloud, particularly public cloud has become ever more prevalent across the “Big Tech” universe. In order to give this subject the attention it deserves, we went out and found some podcasting colleagues who specialize on this subject and put them in front of our “question firing squad”.

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Episode 160- Roaring News

Before we dive into the News, we want to really thank you, our audience for helping us reach our YouTube subscriber goal. We now are the proud owner of the www.youtube.com/RoaringElephant url and we could not have done this without you!

For News, we talk about boring one-man companies, something hybrid cloudy at Google and a followup on the open-source David versus the public cloud Goliath story.

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Episode 159 – OCMAWDIAM Part 2?

Today we are joined by Mark Phillips, product marketing manager and more interestingly, heavily involved with Ansible at Red Hat. Now, rather than making this episode specifically about Ansible, Mark shares his extensive expertise on the subjects of orchestration, config management and automation.

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Episode 158 – Roaring News

The main topic for this news episode is a revisiting of the Multi-Cloud subject we touched last time. Next we take a look at an article about the state of the  Docker project and we end on an article about an excellent post-morten by Monzo about some trouble they had over the summer.

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