Episode 320 – A.I.: Caught in the Act!

That some horrible things are being done with Artificial intelligence is without question. What is a question is how best to avoid that. The European Union has recently decided that there is a need to regulate certain types of Machine Learning Models. Good idea, or not at all?

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Episode 319 – AIOps: Fact or Fiction?

Everything gets a fresh new coat of AI these days and I.T. operations is no exception. Is AIOps real? Can it actually offer benefits when adopted today? Or is it just another snake-oil salesman doing the rounds?

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Episode 318 – Is Cloud Competition Still a Thing?

Is it a good question? Well, The UK government certainly thinks so since they are starting a competition probe in a bunch of digital services.

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Episode 317 – The Ups and Downs of Open Source

It’s happening again! Internet articles telling the world diametrically opposite stories! What do you say? That’s normal? Well, never mind, we’re still going to tackle this contradicting news about Open Source adoption.

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Episode 316 – Machine Learning with Alexey Grigorev

For the next couple of episodes, we are joined by Alexey Grigorev, Principal Data Scientist at OLX Group. Founder of DataTalks.Club and author of the Machine Learning Bookcamp. Join Alexey and us when we take a fresh look at the state of Machine learning today.

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