Episode 91 – ODPi is back and better than ever!

In this episode, we welcome back John Mertic, director of Program Management for ODPi, R Consortium, and the Open Mainframe Project. It’s been almost two years since we checked in with John and the ODPi initiative and as John mentions in the interview, a lot has changed in Hadoop… Continue reading “Episode 91 – ODPi is back and better than ever!”

Episode 90 – Roaring news

In this weeks Roaring News episode, Dave brings up the resilience of Apache Community open source projects and plays some Doom. Jhon has some practical Apache NIFI guides and the emergence of multi modal NoSQL databases. Continue reading “Episode 90 – Roaring news”

Episode 89 – DataWorks Summit San Jose Agenda Review

With the San Jose edition of the DataWorks Summit only a month away, we go over the sessions that are available in the agenda today and offer our top picks. If you’re going, or if you will be watching the replays online, we hope to guide you on your selection of sessions.

Continue reading “Episode 89 – DataWorks Summit San Jose Agenda Review”

Episode 88 – Roaring News

Returning to our more regular schedule, we have a Roaring News episode today. Dave has articles on multi-cloud readiness, Big Data being a pariah, and Google Duplex and Jhon came up with Synthetic data, data engineers and scientists and a Neural Network sharing cake recipes. Continue reading “Episode 88 – Roaring News”