Episode 292 – Open Source Misunderstandings: Security is “Their” Problem

In a new series about misunderstandings that (still) surround Open Source, today we are covering the misconception that security is “their” problem. That’s simply not the case. When you leverage the awesome power that is Open Source, it is definitely your responsibility to make sure you have done everything you could to make sure your product or service is secure!

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Episode 291 – Digital Adoption Platforms?

Out with the old, in with the new… snake-oil? Apparently the industry has not learned from the mistakes that were made with Digital Transformation projects, but never fear: the solution to all your ailments is here with the bright new marketing hype of Digital Adoption Platforms! Or are we just too cynically? You be the judge!

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Episode 290 – CyberSecurity Needs YOU!

We are under constant threat! And by “we”, we mean our Tech environment, of course. Malware is rampant and software isn’t always the best prepared to fight of the endless onslaught. So who do we blame? The CISO, the Cert team, that security person? Well, maybe we need to look a little closer to home…

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Episode 289 – The Sticky Employee Conundrum

Hiring junior employees and training them to become productive members of the team has gotten “out of style” due to the perceived or real problems with longer term employee retention. In this episode, we take a deeper look at this “sticky” topic.

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Episode 288 – The Future of Open Source Security?

In recent time it has become more and more obvious that the security of Open Source software is something to be taken seriously. For this reason, the Linux foundation, under the banner of the OpenSSF, is experimenting with a new project, prosaically names the Alpha & Omega Project.

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