Episode 336 – Wanted NOW: Open Source Mentors!

Getting started with Open Source development can be hard and having a good mentor, or even a few of them, can be a great way to make it all just that little easier.

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Episode 335 – Open Source Purgatory?

Open Source is definitely not the Nirvana that was predicted by the earliest trend-setters, but is it really as bad as some internet sources would suggest?

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Episode 334 – The EU Bans Open Source!

Is the EU banning open source? Or just being a good legislator, enforcing security in software? Listen to the episode to find out more!

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Episode 333 – The Advert Episode!

Nobody will dispute that there are too many ads everywhere but the landscape is changing and who knows what the repercussions will be of an Ad free life! (As if that was ever going to happen!)

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Episode 332 – Public Clouds at Risk?

The big tech companies pretty much own the public clouds which means that everybody’s cloud success is directly dependent on the success of these hyperscale companies. So how heathy are they actually, and will all of them weather the coming recession equally well? Join us while we take a look at the usual suspects: AWA, Azure and GCP.

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