Episode 108 – Roaring News

Another episode of Big Data News and not just another episode, but an episode packed and packed with items. Before we do our regular article reviews, we are doing raffles for not one, not two but three different events! And as if that was not enough, our friends from Pulsar dropped in with their big Apache top-level project announcement.

So not very bite sized this time, but smack full of delicious Big Data news!

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Episode 107 – Open Metadata and Governance Masterclass with Mandy Chessell – Part 1

In this GDPR world, Data Governance and Data Lineage are, or should be, very much top of mind for anybody in the Big Data world. We reached out to Mandy Chessell, who has been very active in this area and were delighted when she accepted to do an interview with us.

In this first part, the focus is more on Mandy herself and we lay the groundwork for the second part that will go live in episode 109. Continue reading “Episode 107 – Open Metadata and Governance Masterclass with Mandy Chessell – Part 1”

Episode 106 – Roaring News

In this edition of Big Data News, we take the pulse of Machine learning adoption and talk about Big Data  Online Learning by IBM on Coursera and by Columbia University on Edx. We round the episode off with a look at MR3 and the evil that are benchmarks. Continue reading “Episode 106 – Roaring News”

Episode 104 – Roaring News

In this Big Data News episode, we discuss an article with guidelines on how you should arrange your data gathering projects with the customer in mind. Dave brings a matrix of visualization products. Continue reading “Episode 104 – Roaring News”