Episode 189 – It’s Darkest before Dawn

Maybe it’s the dark days we live in, maybe it’s just us being us… But everywhere we looked, we found somebody telling us somethings as dead or dying… Speaking about technology, of course! We are a tech podcast after all! Anyway, we decided to dive deep into the gloom and doom on the internet and see what has been pronounced deceased and how we felt about that.

Don’t let this epoisode get you down though! The title is definitely a hint for things to come! 😀

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Episode 188 – Roaring News

Artificial Intelligence will save us from all that ails us! The Big Cloud Providers should pay all the bills! Old stuff is old so you really have to buy news stuff now! Really! Really? When preparing for this weeks episode, we felt a real dissatisfaction with the quality of “the news” so we’ve selected a handful of articles and try to elevate them to a semblance of serviceability.

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Episode 187 – Talking Business Agility with Caroline of Estelia (Part 2)

Agile Development is quite popular in the world of software development, but the concepts are applicable to a much broader business environment. Very often, however, the actual implementation of these rather excellent concepts are plagued with faulty expectations and simply not knowing what you are trying to do. Find out how you can benefit, both as an organization and personally, when doing Agile “right” in this two part interview with Caroline from Estelia.

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Episode 186 – Roaring News

To counter the current horrible news around the world, we turned to The Register as today’s Guest Publication and tried to find a couple of articles that have a more positive tone. Sadly, even at The Register, things are looking bad for NASA, GitHub and even the British military are looking for help… from Facebook?

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