Episode 202 – Data Quality: Your place or mine?

Data Quality is a subject that comes up a lot now that more organizations are moving towards a data driven decision making system. Obviously, to get good decisions, they need to be based on good quality data and getting that QA stamp is quite a bit harder than it should be…

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Episode 201 – Roaring News

In this first “live action” News episode, we take a look at the state of public clouds and how their business models are often more complex that you would think. We end up with a short discussion about Fujitsu’s “digital annealer” and how you only need a decent pair of binoculars to eves drop on your neighbors…

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Episode 200 – Bi-Centennial Podcast

For our 200th episode, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane, looking back on how the podcast evolved over time. We discuss the content related changes we made over the years, and also talk about some of the technical choices we made.

And not to spoil anything, there is definitely something strange happening in this one…. 😉

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Episode 199 – Azure Data Engineering with Richard Nuckolls

This episode, we go deep into everything data related in the public cloud, specifically the Microsoft Azure cloud. Fortunately we don’t have to do this on our own since we’re joined by Richard Nuckolls, author of the book “Azure Data Engineering“, published by Manning publications under their MEAP program.

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Episode 198 – Roaring News

This week we tackle some “software is used by the military” controversy, we have a light discussion on Quantum Computing and marvel in the apparent absence of common sense when it comes to putting information on public services.

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