Episode 340 – Back to Our Roots?

Some analysts predict that after the pandemic and with the current recession, the high tech world of the FANGs will become less attractive and people will go back to more traditional employers. But what does that mean and how much do we disagree…

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Episode 339 – Work AnyWhere and AnyPlace!

Not only has remote working become a normal way of life and work for a lot of people. Working anywhere in the world is also becoming something a trend. Is it sustainable? Wil it last?

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Episode 338 – Open Source: Money versus Value

We’ve talking a lot about open source this last few weeks and we can of course not close off this topic without also discussing the free beer conundrum.

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Episode 337 – Will Commit to Open Source for Food!

We’ve talked about it before, but the financial situtation for a number of critical open source initiatives is still very much a problem!

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