Episode 151 – Do you only need 6 principles?

A little while ago, Dave came across an article by Francesca Lazzeri titled “The Data Science Mindset: Six Principles to Build Healthy Data-Driven Organizations” and in this episode we’re giving our view and expand on those principles. Continue reading “Episode 151 – Do you only need 6 principles?”

Episode 150 – Roaring News

In this news episode, we use a nice little article on how you can help keep open source sustainable as a structure for a broader discussion on this subject. The second subject this time goes another round on the “data engineers are not data scientists” (and the reverse) subject. Continue reading “Episode 150 – Roaring News”

Episode 149 – The State of Developer Ecosystem 2019

When friend of the show Ward Bekker sent us a link to the recent survey write-up on the State of Developer Ecosystem in 2019 by JetBrains, we immediately set up a recording date with him to go over all the facts and figures… Continue reading “Episode 149 – The State of Developer Ecosystem 2019”

Episode 148 – Roaring News

With Summer starting and news drying up a little in the heat, we managed to find some interesting things happening at the Apache Software Foundation and we try to find correlations with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. After that, we discover that Robots actually won’t be taking all our jobs… Who would have thought… Continue reading “Episode 148 – Roaring News”

Episode 147 – Alex Zeltov on MLOps with mlflow, kubeflow and other tools (part 2)

In this episode, Global Black Belt and Technical Architect in Big Data and Advanced Analytics Team at Microsoft, Alex Zeltov, is our guest and he explains the in’s and out’s of MLOps though various tools like mlflow and kubeflow

Continue reading “Episode 147 – Alex Zeltov on MLOps with mlflow, kubeflow and other tools (part 2)”