Episode 64 – Talking Apache Pulsar with Matteo and Sijie from Streamlio

A while ago, the all knowing oracle that is twitter pointed out that we really did not do justice to the Apache Pulsar project when we covered it in or Roaring News episode.
The good people at Streamlio reached out to us and here is the 80+ minutes long discussion we had with Matteo Merli and Sijie Guo, going in depth on the merits and technical details, setting the Roaring Pulsar record straight! Continue reading “Episode 64 – Talking Apache Pulsar with Matteo and Sijie from Streamlio”

Episode 63 – Roaring News

It’s another news episode folks. This time Dave and Jhon talk about extracting telemetry from a PS3 steering wheel and pedal set, IBM sun-setting BigInsights and 6 things a budding Data Scientist should be aware of.

Episode 62 – Second Year Anniversary

Are there really two years worth of Roaring Elephant podcasts out there? Well, since this is our second anniversary party, it must be!
Join some of the guests we had on the podcast this year to reminisce about the months gone by.Due to the drop-in drop-out nature, this episode is a little rough but we hope you can enjoy being part of our little party!
Discussion topics ranged from what our guests have been up to, Apache Kafka, Dremio the effects of GDPR on the industry and how our guests see the future of Big Data.

Episode 60 – Big Data Roles: Recruiting and hiring

In  this entry in our “Roles in Big Data” series, we talk to Chuck Waygood, global director of talent Acquisition at Hortonworks. Chuck has been in this space since 2013 and in this episode he talks about his experiences, what recruiters are looking for, how you can attract that perfect candidate and what you can do to improve your chances of landing that great career in Big Data. Continue reading “Episode 60 – Big Data Roles: Recruiting and hiring”