Episode 189 – It’s Darkest before Dawn

Maybe it’s the dark days we live in, maybe it’s just us being us… But everywhere we looked, we found somebody telling us somethings as dead or dying… Speaking about technology, of course! We are a tech podcast after all! Anyway, we decided to dive deep into the gloom and doom on the internet and see what has been pronounced deceased and how we felt about that.

Don’t let this epoisode get you down though! The title is definitely a hint for things to come! 😀

We found a lot (and we do mean a lot) of content on the internet about hings “being dead” so we decided to group things into topics and we ended up with about four of them. To start with, we tackle the end or privacy, Followed by the demise of the internet and open source. next we discuss the obituary for the startup and we end with a fond farewell and remembrance of boredom: we knew it well…

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