Episode 188 – Roaring News

Artificial Intelligence will save us from all that ails us! The Big Cloud Providers should pay all the bills! Old stuff is old so you really have to buy news stuff now! Really! Really? When preparing for this weeks episode, we felt a real dissatisfaction with the quality of “the news” so we’ve selected a handful of articles and try to elevate them to a semblance of serviceability.

A good Title, a good article does not make…

We take our first shot at his article which does posit a valid point in the title, but then immediately devolves into a bunch of hype words and wishful thinking.

In our commentary, we try to add a semblance of intelligence tot he article. Well… at least as far as we are able to, obviously.

But in all seriousness, AI, ML, Cloud or whatever buzzword that is on today’s page of the “learn a new word a day” calendar, will NOT save you: tools can help, but people always make the real difference!


A Good Idea at first sight…

While we definitely understand and even agree with the sentiment behind this article, we cannot see a world where this can realistically be implemented.

It should also be totally unneeded: if the move to the public cloud was done for the right reasons and in the right way, these companies would be mostly insulated against the immediate financial fallout of the current troubles by the flexibility that their cloud deployments now offer them.


The infomercial is overpowering in this one!

Stating obvious truths does not make a good article and in the end it turns out it’s a commercial for “big software”… As mentioned at the top of this blog, “news journalism” really is taking a nose-dive…

The fact that this “article” is actually a commercial for one of the largest, if not “the” largest software company in the world only makes this even more vexing. They of all companies really should not need to stoop down to this kind of underhanded tactics!

No link on this one cause we really want you to give this one a pass!

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