Episode 190 – Roaring News

Today we talk about the dangers of relying on clod services, how technology is failing us in these items of crisis and how the new world of social distancing is shaping the future for tech conferences.

Cloud/SaaS for the win! :s

The world creates more and more data and simultaneously relies more and more on rather ephemeral cloud based storage and services.

One of the consequences that is becoming more and more apparent is that we are no longer in control of our data and while sometimes, there is no material investment, sometimes there is and it can be significant…

How can we change and adapt to cope with this brave new reality?


In the words of Boy George: Popularity breeds contempt!

We’ve tried to steer clear of the pandemic that is affecting everybody’s life but alas, as we turn towards technology to make the new reality work for us, it would seem that technology just isn’t up to the challenge.

Among the many disappointments we think it is fait to say that the poster child is the voice chat app Zoom which has shown that being more popular all of a sudden, isn’t always a good thing…



The cure for jet-lag!

Not only have a lot of live conferences been cancelled due to the isolation and social distancing that has been established, some companies are going one step further and completely re-invent themselves as online only services.

A rather noteworthy, especially in the Big Data environment is O’Reilly who has decided to disband the business entity that is, or rather was, organizing the well known and respected Strata events.

Now these will continue in a virtual format, but the most important question remains: where do we get out laptop stickers now?


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