Episode 40 – Dataworks Summit Europe – Day 2

Dataworks Summit
In this episode of the Roaring Elephant podcast, Dave and I continue to share our Dataworks summit experience, meet yet more listeners, sit in on a few more sessions and give our overall view of the day and the summit as a whole! It will make you wish you were here.

00:00:00 Intro

Roaring Elephant Roadshow Day 2 – The night after the party!

00:04:14 Session Discussions

Our review of the sessions, what we liked, what we learned, what we’d recommend you go and check out afterwards:

  • Keynote
  • Meet HBase 2.0
  • Bridle your Flying Islands and Castles in the Sky
  • HBase in Practice
  • Solving Cyber at Scale
  • Achieving Realtime Ingestion and Analysis of Security Events through Kafka and Metron
  • Row/Column-Level Security in SQL for Apache Spark
  • Apache Kafka Best Practices
  • Mool – Automated Log Analysis using Data Science and ML
  • Building a Large-Scale, Adaptive Recommendation Engine with Apache Flink and Spark
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery in Hadoop

01:02:15 Wrap up

Some final overall observations and looking forward to the next summit news from Dataworks San Jose!

01:07:51 End

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