Episode 38 – Dataworks Summit 2017 – Preview

Dataworks Summit
This week, your hosts go over what we consider to be our pick of the sessions that will be presented during the Hadoop Summit Dataworks Summit in Munich next week.
The Roaring Elephant will be in attendance, look out for the two guys in distinctive yellow fleeces with the Roaring Elephant logo on the back, we hope to see you there!

00:00 Recent events

40:05 Dataworks Summit 2017 – Day 1 Preview

In this episode, we touch most of the sessions that take place during the Dataworks Summit in Munich next week and tell you what our favorites are. https://dataworkssummit.com/munich-2017/agenda/#20170403

01:12:20 Dataworks Summit 2017 – Day 2 Preview

After the sessions from the first day, we continue with the second day.

01:32:30 Dataworks Summit 2017 – Preview – General comments

Now that we went ver the entire two day event, we had some general comments about the event.

01:42:34 End

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