Episode 22 – Big Data in Small Business

small business Hadoop

The main subject in this episode features answer to a listener question we received a couple of months ago: How can big data help small businesses? What ways can small business use big data? At the moment all the talk is about big data helping enterprise firms. And we are introducing a new section which we hope you will enjoy!

00:00 Recent events

  • Working with a new team in sunny cork, getting them up to speed
  • Workshop with a global SI and a European tel-co about the upcoming phases of their big data journey
  • Workshop with a customer who has been using Hadoop for a very long time, since Hadoop 0.2! Finally looking to migrate into the future
  • Multi vendor workshop fraud analytics
  • Object recognition and detection in images.

11:30 Our very own “New and Noteworthy”


44:40 Big Data for Small Business

01:32:35 End


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