Episode 14 – Hadoop Summit – Retrospective

Hadoop Summit
After the last two special edition episodes where we quickly covered each Summit day in a “same-day” episode, we go over the full event in this episode, highlighting the sessions we enjoyed the most and sharing our general feelings about the 2016 Hadoop Summit in Dublin.

00:00 Recent events

09:00 Hadoop Summit – Retrospective

Day one sessions:

  • It’s not the size of your cluster, It’s how you use it
    • Big Fish – David Darden & Don Smith
  • Unified stream and batch processing with Apache Flink
    • Artisans Gmbh – Ufuk Celebi
  • Taming the Elephant
    •  Hortonworks – Paul Codding
  • How To: A beginners guide to becoming an apache contributor
    • Teradata – Venkatesh
  •  On-Demand HDP Clusters using Cloudbreak and Ambari
    • Symantec – Karthik Karuppaiya & Narendra Bidari
  • Machine Learning in Big Data – Look Forward or be left behind
    • Redpoint Global Inc – Bill Porto
  • Past, Present, Future of hadoop at LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn – Carl Steinbach
  • Migrating Hundreds of Pipelines in Docker Containers
    • Spotify – Noa Resare

Day two sessions:

  • MLLeap: Or how to Productionize Data science workflows using Spark
    • Shift Technologies – Mihkail Semenluk & TrueCar – Hollin Wilkins
  • Scaling out to 10 Clusters, 1000 Users, and 10,000 Flows: The Dali Experience at LinkedIn
    • Carl Steinbach, LinkedIn
  • Hadoop Platform at Yahoo: A Year in Review
    • Sumeet Singh, Yahoo!, Inc.
  • Apache Hive 2.0 SQL Speed Scale
    • Hortonworks – Allen Gates
  • Telematics with Hadoop and Nifi
    • Adam Morton, Admiral Insurance – Simon Elliston Ball, Hortonworks
  • Apache Eagle – Monitor Hadoop in Real-Time
    • Ebay – Young Zang & Arun manoharan

43:18 Questions from our Listeners

  • Great question in from Rene about small businesses and Big Data which we’ll cover on a future episode!
    • Also Rene’s feedback has helped us tweak the feedback form so it’s easier to use.
  • Is this a vendor podcast? No, we’re all community! :o)
  • How do you record the podcast, what is your equipment?

51:48 End

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