Episode 13 – Hadoop Summit Dublin 2016 – Day 2

Hadoop Summit
Welcome to our second special edition podcast bought to you from day 2 of the Hadoop Summit. Breaking our normal fortnightly flow we’re delivering a fresh new podcast at the end of each day of the Hadoop Summit. In this episode we cover our impressions of the second day of keynotes and yet more sessions that we enjoyed.

00:00 Recent events

  • Introduction to the Hadoop Summit Dublin 2016 from day 2

01:45 Hadoop Summit 2016 Dublin Day 2 Review

  • Keynote/Session – Yahoo! – Sumeet Singh
  • Keynote – Information is Beautiful – David McCandless
  • MLeap – Mihael Semeniuk (shift Technologies) Hollin Wilkins (Truecar)
  • Admiral – Adam Morton (Admiral) and Simon Ball (Hortonworks)
  • Hive – Alan Gates (Hortonworks)

37:47 End

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2 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Hadoop Summit Dublin 2016 – Day 2”

  1. Great summary from the 2nd day.
    I was personally disappointed by the talk session.
    Also the eagle project is quite obscure for me as well. DO you have an idea what open source tool might cover the monitoring event on the application layer like ( HDFS, SPARK)…

  2. Hi Philippe, agreed on the Eagle project. I've seen people build similar things within their own infrastructure to do charge back/show back accounting, but they tend to be quite tailored. It feels like it was developed in parallel to Atlas and they're now trying to deal with the overlap. Time will tell how well they manage to do that.

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