Episode 4 – Hadoop: Year in review

A bit of Hadoop history of what we have seen happening over the last 12 months, some trends and interesting technologies. Some ups, some downs and possibly even some round and rounds, capped off with some Bold Predictions for 2016. Continue reading “Episode 4 – Hadoop: Year in review”

Episode 3 – High level Hadoop architectures

What are the hardware and implementation options we see.A discussion ranging from direct attached storage versus network attached storage/storage area networks, to on-premise hardware versus cloud options. Continue reading “Episode 3 – High level Hadoop architectures”

Episode 2 – How to avoid disaster

When you are getting started with your journey with Hadoop, how to avoid Hadoop disaster? We have seen many people going through this journey and both of us have seen things people do that makes the project successful, and things people do that make projects more difficult than they should be. Continue reading “Episode 2 – How to avoid disaster”

Episode 1 – A new beginning: Getting started in Hadoop

With all the buzz around big data generally, and Hadoop specifically, there’s never been a better time for getting started in Hadoop. This episode covers how your two hosts got involved in Hadoop, and also discusses some of the other popular paths into the world of BigData/Hadoop Continue reading “Episode 1 – A new beginning: Getting started in Hadoop”