Episode 10 – Preparing for the 2016 Hadoop Summit in Dublin

Next month, the European Hadoop Summit will take place in Dublin. Now that the agenda for the event has been nearly finalised we take it upon ourselves to provide a virtual guide to the event. There’s a lot of good things happening during the event so we share with you what sessions we think we’ll be attending and why. Enjoy, and looking forward to seeing you there! Continue reading “Episode 10 – Preparing for the 2016 Hadoop Summit in Dublin”

Episode 9 – SQL in Hadoop

SQL was one of the first data access methods added to vanilla Hadoop. Considering that the many of the people working with Hadoop in the early days came from a database background, this is not surprising. Since then, the SQL ecosystem in Hadoop has grown considerably and in this episode we do a general overview of many of the available choices. Continue reading “Episode 9 – SQL in Hadoop”

Episode 8 – NiFi Deeper Dive

In this episode we’ll go into more depth on NiFi complete with our second interview with Joe Witt, Senior Director of Engineering at Hortonworks who dives into how NiFi works under the covers and some considerations to think about when using it for real. Continue reading “Episode 8 – NiFi Deeper Dive”

Episode 7 – An introduction to Data Ingest

In this episode we’ll cover some of the most common options for ingesting data into Hadoop including technologies like Flume, Sqoop, Kafka, NiFi and more. Continue reading “Episode 7 – An introduction to Data Ingest”