Episode 220 – Year 5: Definitely a two-handed podcast now! (Ft John Mertic.)

We have decided long ago that we do not want to work on our birthday, so we were very happy indeed to welcome John Mertic back to the podcast. John talks extensively about all the things the Linux Foundation has been up to and Dave and Jhon simply lay back and enjoy the show. 🙂

For more information about the different projects John talked about, please go to the following web sites

With ODPi, building products and services and ensuring the right data is understood, shared and protected is simple. We’re developing the only vendor neutral, open source standards to enable best practices for data governance, connectivity, business intelligence, and analytics. ODPi helps…

The LF AI & Data Foundation supports open source projects within artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and the data space. You can think of us as a greenhouse growing and sustaining open source AI, ML, DL and Data projects from seed to fruition.

Open source software has become pervasive. Because of its development process, the OSS that ultimately reaches end users has a chain of contributors and dependencies. It is important that those responsible for their user or organization’s security are able to understand and verify the security of this dependency chain.

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