Episode 213 – Roaring News

A hard task it was, but we actually found some technology news to discuss! I really feels like the world has more or less come to a bit of a standstill, the world holding it’s breath while we wait for the current troubles to go away.

But we prevailed and have 30 minutes of discussion on if you should build or buy your tech, if Kubernetes really is already last years news in favor of Serverless Compute and we end with a quick look at a nice visualization of “Data Fallacies”.

Try or Buy?

Buying your techn9ology “off the shelf” will likely give you a faster route to deployment.

But if you deploy the same tech as your competition, how can you still offer differentiation to your discerning customers?

Kubernetes is yesterday’s tech already?

After spending quite some time discussion containers and Kubernetes in the last few episodes, it would seem that it is already bypassed, at least in promise, by “serverless compute”.

We discuss our take on the hype vs reality of this “next level” of computing.

Data Fallacies – Visualisation

Happened upon this reading my twitter feed today and felt we should share it with our little part of the world.

As a data scientist, these should not come as a surprise, but they may be useful in explaining to the project leader why a certain batch of data should be discarded. 🙂

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