Episode 201 – Roaring News

In this first “live action” News episode, we take a look at the state of public clouds and how their business models are often more complex that you would think. We end up with a short discussion about Fujitsu’s “digital annealer” and how you only need a decent pair of binoculars to eves drop on your neighbors…

Public Cloud as a side-job

Every time we look at the state of public cloud today, we are stunned by how “coincidental” the clouds are for 2 out of the 3 major players where the massive public cloud is dwarfed by the organizations real business endeavors.

Not really Quantum

Fujitsu is the latest player to enter the Quantum playing field with an offering that is decidedly NOT Quantum…

If you thought it was bad that the walls have ears…

With privacy concerns on the rise, this article detailing a rather simple to execute eves-dropping technique won;t do much to make you sleep better at night… At least the lights are out then.

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Author: Jhon Masschelein

Tackler of advanced Cloud and Hadoop challenges in a world of open-source technologies. – Impossible is merely a matter of time and effort. –