Episode 192 – Roaring News

In this news inspired news episode, we talk about A.I’s filing for patents, Framework SDKs causing major software to crash on mobiles and how the army is teaching the world how not to overspend! Enjoy!

And so the revolution starts…

Of course it’s rather obvious that today, having patents filled in an A.I.’s name would not be logical, practical or simply sane. However, a couple of inventors decided to take international patent law to the test and tried to do just that.

It took a while, but courts, quite rightly so, rejected the applications.

It does however open up an interesting discussion on who own what whn we, mere mortals, don’t really understand how an A.I. neural network comes to it’s conclusions…

What did I tell you about accepting candy from strangers?

Using frameworks and templates are the way most software is written today but in that lies the danger of dependency on unknown and therefore unchecked sources of code.

Where in theory, one would expect all software projects exerciser due diligence when it comes to these “borrowed” libraries. But in practice, it turns out that this isn’t actually 100% possible to do when those upstream sources can change their code at any given time…

How much regression and unit testing should a software project do?

Sure, of all organizations, the army has “the magic”

How easy is project management in the world of agile and scrum? And can the army, of all organizations, claim to be the one that can do it better than others?

Dave sure doesn’t think so?

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