Episode 175- Stackoverflow Developer Survey Results 2019

A few episodes ago, we discovered the Stackoverflow Developer survey from 2019. Now even though it’s been a while since the results were published, we found some of the results quite interesting and timeless enough to dedicate an episode about it.

In case you are wondering about the untimeliness of the “cyber-truck with unbreakable windows” reference at 25:50, we originally intended to release this episode a couple of months ago in 2019, but then we recorded the truly excellent series with Rodolphe Dutel on remote working and decided to publish those episodes first. This inevitable meant delaying this episode to, well, now. 🙂

In this hour long episode, we pick and choose the survey results that we found surprising, remarkable, weird or otherwise worth mentioning and give our view on the how and why.

And of course, as you are by now accustomed to, your co-hosts definitely did not meander and go of topic… At all… Honestly…

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