Episode 148 – Roaring News

Breaking News

With Summer starting and news drying up a little in the heat, we managed to find some interesting things happening at the Apache Software Foundation and we try to find correlations with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. After that, we discover that Robots actually won’t be taking all our jobs… Who would have thought…

Breaking News

The more things change, the more they stay the same..?



While the ranks have closed and the messaging is “everything continuing as usual, nothing to see here”, things are apparently happening at the ASF with some top level people moving on.

Since only the future can tell how (and even if) this will have any noticeable effect, we have a little discussion about software foundations in general. Aside from the ASF, we talk about the Linux Foundation and the CNCF who also have their role to play.

One is still glad to be of service!

Over the years, there has been more than a little bit of fear mongering going on about how robots and technology in general will destroy a lot of jobs. Institutions like the World Economic Forum has releases their views over the years and recently, Manpower group released a pretty pdf with their conclusions.

Looking over it, we are really puzzled by certain conclusions, or rather predictions about how the geographical impact will be and have some fun about the types of jobs that will be affected.

Fortunately, on the whole, the consensus seems to be that rather than decreasing the amount of jobs in the world, technological advances and automatism will actually increase the amount of people required to keep it all running smoothly. But “reskilling” and “upskilling” will be ever more important if you want to remain part of the “in demand” crowd!

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