Episode 115 – Anniversary three: I guess we’re in it for the long run now!

It’s been three years since we started this podcast and as we’ve done in previous years, we  invited the wonderful people that were a guest on our show in the past twelve months and made our little podcast so much better for our listeners!

Our thanks to our guests that celebrated our three year anniversary with us:

Ward BekkerWard Bekker (Linkedin)

Pre-Sales Solutions Engineer II at Hortonworks

Talking about Apache Metron


Rohit Jain

Rohit Jain (linkedin)

Chief Technology Officer at Esgyn

Talking about Esgyn, Trafodion and cloud vs on-premise vs hybrid.


Sanjeev KulkarniSanjeev Kulkarni (Linkedin)

Co-Founder at Streamlio

Talking about Apache Pulsar


Phillip Radley (Linkedin)

Chief Data Architect at BT

Talking about future predictions made years ago


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