Episode 82 – DataWorks Summit Berlin 2018 Preview

Data Works Summit Berlin 2018

Next week is DataWorks Summit Berlin week! Your two hosts will be in attendance and in this episode we go over the agenda and plan which sessions we want to attend and why. Peppered throughout we add further insights and experiences from previous years.

Data Works Summit Berlin

Unfortunately, Dave’s network was a little unstable and there are a couple audio glitches in this episode.

For some session statistics or if you can use some help deciding what sessions you want to attend, you can use the dashboard we created:

DWS2018 Berlin Dashboard

Click the screenshot above or go to http://aka.ms/DWS2018 to access the dashboard. It is a dynamic report: clicking on graph elements (bars of pie slices) will apply filters on all the visualizations and the session list. Use control-click to combine filters.

At some point the dashboard will dissapear because it is no longer relevant. for future reference, here is a large version of the screenshot.

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