Episode 81 – Roaring News

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In this installment of Big Data News, we talk about the recent Facebook leak, how everybody is still doing it wrong (according to some at least) and installing Hadoop “the old-fashioned way”. Also briefly covered is Elastic’s X-Pack, now even more “open” than before, but still rather closed it would seem.

Breaking News
Breaking News

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Jhon Masschelein

Author: Jhon Masschelein

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  1. Hello Dave, Jhon. AM a big fan of roaring elephant. The topics that you cover are really interesting. In episode 81 – discussion about the article “Big Data Tech Hadoop and Spark Get Slow Start in Enterprise”, you have shared your views about this article. However, can yo throw some light on the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit that the author has quoted in her article.

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