Episode 70 – 10 Facts about Hadoop, five years later

Time Machine Data tunnel
In this trip down memory lane, we go over an article from five years ago and discuss how Hadoop and Big Data have changed since then, or has it…?
Time Machine Data tunnel
Time Machine Data tunnel

Hadoop is 10 years old. Lets look back at public opinion just five years ago. (https://www.developer.com/db/10-facts-about-hadoop.html)

  1. Import/Export Data to and from HDFS
  2. Data Compression in HDFS
  3. Transformation in Hadoop
  4. Achieve Common Task
  5. Combining Large Volume Data
  6. Ways to Analyze High Volume Data
  7. Debugging in Hadoop World
  8. Easy to Control Hadoop System
  9. Scalable Persistence
  10. Data Read and Write in Hadoop

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