Episode 66 – Past Predictions

It the time of the year again where you can call us out on being totally rubbish at predicting much of anything, or can we..? Listen to the episode and find out!
In any case, we unabashedly will be recording a new “future predictions” show in a couple of weeks so if you have any predictions you want us to consider, send them to us by tweet or email!
Bart Simpson - Being Right Sucks
Bart Simpson – Being Right Sucks


  1. Fragmentation of ecosystem
  2. Scale of data-breaches get larger and more IOT focused
  3. Chat-bots everywhere
  4. More options for self service big data platforms for SMB
  5. Commerce will muddy the waters – snake oil sales: call it big data and it will sell
  6. Cyber-security with big data becomes commonplace
  7. In-Memory and GPU will rule; commodity hardware will evolve into “big iron”.
  8. Atlas repeat: it’s here!

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