Episode 29 – 1 Year anniversary

1 Year Anniversary
One year of elephants roaring has come and gone so we reminisce a little bit about what happened over the last year. And since we could not have done this podcast nearly as good without them, we asked the special guests we have had on the podcast over the previous year to call in on the Skype call and talk about what they have been up to.

00:00 One year of pod-casting…

Dave and Jhon reminiscing about how the Podcast got started.

06:55 Fireside chats with guests over the year

07:56 Joe Witt, Senior Director of Engineering at Hortonworks,
22:40 Michele Lamarca, Team Lead Big Data at Bright Computing
43:00 John Mertic, Director of Program Management for ODPi

01:04:23 End

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