Episode 19 – Dave’s Hadoop Summit San Jose 2016 Retrospective

Hadoop Summit
Dave went to the Hadoop Summit 2016 in San Jose last week and came back with a riveting tale to tell. In this first part of the Summit coverage, join me when I ask Dave all about the keynotes and the general event. Join us next episode where Dave will talk about some of the sessions he attended!

00:00 Recent events

  • Lift and shift to IaaS
  • Hybrid Disaster Recovery
  • Spark & ML goodness MOOC’s
  • San Jose Hadoop Summit

09:25 Dave went to the Hadoop Summit in San Jose!

  • Record attendance, maybe a venue change in future
  • Sponsor exhibition area including “interesting” story
  • The Community Corner
  • The keynotes
    • Hadoop is 10 years old
    • Microsoft on Machine Learning
    • Hadoop Assemblies
    • Hadoop fragmentation
    • Cyber security
    • Car insurance premiums “to measure”
    • Ethics session

40:55 Questions from our Listeners

  • Beefy feedback from Kris
  • A listener wants to know if it is worth the trip to go to the US Summit or to just go to the “local” Summit, wherever that is.
  • Nishant would like an episode about the entire ecosystem. What do you think?

48:24 End

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