Episode 11 – Interview with Community Award Winner Venkatesh Sellappa

Hadoop Summit
Venkatesh is a new contributor to Apache NiFI and during his talk at the Hadoop Summit next week, he takes a light-hearted look at his journey of how to become a contributor to an Apache Project.
Venkatesh is one of the Community Choice winners, so congratulation are in order and we are certain you will like this interview! Enjoy, and we looking forward to seeing you at the Hadoop Summit in Dublin next week!

00:00 Recent events

  • Easter Break
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Telco workshops/meetings and sessions stuff
  • Domain Knowledge is important

05:40 Main Topic

33:50 Questions from our Listeners:

  • No questions this time but information on our activities during the upcoming Hadoop Summit.

37:18 End

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