Episode 10 – Preparing for the 2016 Hadoop Summit in Dublin

Hadoop Summit

Next month, the European Hadoop Summit will take place in Dublin. Now that the agenda for the event has been nearly finalised we take it upon ourselves to provide a virtual guide to the event. There’s a lot of good things happening during the event so we share with you what sessions we think we’ll be attending and why. Enjoy, and looking forward to seeing you there!

This is another long episode, going over an hour for the first time. We are really curious to know if you like these longer episodes, or if you would prefer it if we kept it under the original 30 to 35 minutes?

00:00 Recent events

  • Hands on upgrading, express vs rolling upgrade
  • Workshop at telecom company in Russia
  • Nifi workshops
  • Securing a Hadoop cluster

08:00 Main Topic


54:30 Questions from our Listeners:

  • What else is going on during the summit dates?
  • Should I visit the Hadoop Summit and if so, go to Europe, the US or Australia?
  • How do I get a speaking slot at summit?
  • What other events are comparable/usefull to visit?

01:03:50 End

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