Episode 170- Roaring News

This week, we have the shocking news that Docker Enterprise has been gobbled up by a rather unknown entity. (Shocking not because it happened, but because it took so long.) Also, a new open source license attempt to stem the cloud predation appeared on the scene and Microsoft has all the orchestration you would ever want, in the cloud no less, no really!

How the Mighty have Fallen…

Not only has docker now completely ended as an entity, we wonder what kind of “synergy” can be achieved with this acquisition by Mirantis.

And apart for the opensource docker format, usually deployed via Kubernetes, does docker still matter?


“Eventually open source”: the new abandonware?

In th eongoing OSS license wars, a new mongrel has appeared with Sentry borrowing the “Business Source License” and adding an “eventual open source” clause.

Not sure if serious..?


Azure stack did not work out for you then, did it?

Microsoft is jumping more firmly on the hybrid cloud bandwagon with a new orchestration that will rule them all, from the clouds no less. So just an answer to Google’s Anthos or is this actually interesting?


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