Episode 168- Roaring News

This week’s news is full of spying smart devices and the perceived sprawl of IOT. We finish off discussing the use and non-use of big monolithic government contracts in technology.

It’s not because you’re paranoid they’re not out to get you…

Privacy is foremost in many peoples mind, but on the other hand we keep bringing so called “smart” devices into our pivacy sanctums… And now we need to start thinking on how this trend affects our surroundings…


We’ve outsourced all the people? OK, now let’s outsource all the bytes!

Red Hat is reporting on the apparent trend of outsourcing IOT, but to be honest, how pervasice is IOT in everyday life and is there really a need for this?


All your bases, they are belong to… Amazon?

We don’t really care about how the Pentagon sends the taxpayers money and this article wrongly predicts Amazon to win the much discussed and maligned US Pentagon JEDI contract anyway, but are these monster deals still make sense in the world of hybrid cloud and micro-services?


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