Episode 160- Roaring News

Before we dive into the News, we want to really thank you, our audience for helping us reach our YouTube subscriber goal. We now are the proud owner of the www.youtube.com/RoaringElephant url and we could not have done this without you!

For News, we talk about boring one-man companies, something hybrid cloudy at Google and a followup on the open-source David versus the public cloud Goliath story.

It’s not because it’s boring that it’s not Cool!

The author if this article is the sole employee of his own company “Listen Notes” and here he explains in pretty deep detail how he was able to setup an internet service, by himself, using mostly open source software and good development practices.


You need Hybrid Cloud. Even Google says so!

As probably the last of the big three public cloud providers, google has joined the select group that offers a hybrid cloud environment.

Does it make sense? Does it not? Listen and find out what we think!


Open Core Companies Unite!

Now that the Roaring Elephant discussed the situation, a large number of notable open source and open core organizations decided they need to unionize under a common goal and fight for a sustainable open source/ope core business model.

Said model is yet to be defined though…


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