Episode 153 – How Secure is the Future of Open Source?

The way open source software is being consumed has changed drastically: originally found on the fringes, open source technology has now become a core part of many organizations of all sizes. We take a look at the confusion and sometimes vocal irritation that has accompanied this adoption by “Big Business” and ask the question if the future of Open Source is in danger.

We have been playing with the idea to give our view on this subject for a while now, but we wanted to make sure not to add to very flammable situation. Rather, we try to share usefull information and stay as close to an unbiased narrative as possible.

We end the conversation on a positive note, being hopefull that the inherent openness and transparency that imbues Open Source will prevail and a new equilibrium will be found.

We are not basing this discussion of any specific article, but here is a list of articles that we reference during the discussion. The CBInsights article is waht we consider the most FUD-less of them all containing a lot of useful information and the infographics we talk about come from this CBInsights article.

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