Episode 8 – NiFi Deeper Dive

Deep Dive
In this episode we’ll go into more depth on NiFi complete with our second interview with Joe Witt, Senior Director of Engineering at Hortonworks who dives into how NiFi works under the covers and some considerations to think about when using it for real.

00:00 Recent events

  • New logo for the podcast
  • Hadoop use in telecom
  • Spark masterclass details
  • Apache Nifi “Hype Train” concerns

09:14 Main Topic

  • Second interview with Joe Witt: a deeper dive on Apache NiFi

35:30 Questions from our Listeners:

  • I have already implemented some of my ingest in flume/kafka/storm, do I need to replace that with NiFi?
  • Is it true there is no chance of data loss with NiFi?
  • Can I aggregate or combine data as part of the flow process?
  • Do I need a hadoop cluster to use NiFi?

47:18 End

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