Episode 6 – An introduction to NiFi

Apache Nifi logo

In this episode we’ll cover some an introduction to NiFi complete with an interview with Joe Witt, Senior Director of Engineering at Hortonworks who explains exactly where NiFi came from and how it fits into your Big Data plans.

00:00 Recent events

  • The usual “Start of the Year” meetings and events
  • Using Apache NiFi as a self documenting deployment system
  • We are now available on iTunes

04:50 Main Topic

  • Interview with Joe Witt, one of the creators of Apache NiFi and currently Director of Engineering for HDF at Hortonworks.

22:40 Questions from our Listeners:

  • Is NiFi really as easy to use as it looks?
  • Is NiFi a part of Hadoop now?
  • >How do I get started with NiFi?
  • Is NiFi an ETL tool?

30:45 End

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