Episode 33 – Roaring News

This episode, we have an absolutely brilliant topic that we were going to cover after the news section… But the news section has us talking so much that it ran a bit long. Preferring not to give you a two hour episode, we’re rescheduling the delivery of the intended topic to next episode and present you with our first (and probably last) “News only” episode.
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Episode 32 – The sense and non-sense of certifications

In this episode, we talk about the use and abuse of certifications, both the certifications you van achieve by passing an exam and the Industry ISV certifications that should help yu make purchasing decisions.
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Episode 31 – Bold Predictions, Past and Future

In this episode, we go over the bold predictions for 2016 we made just before the start of the year. Find out how right we were, or indeed how bad we are at predicting the future of Big Data.
Undeterred, we then happily put on our Nostradamus hats and proceed to make even more new bold predictions for 2017. Have a listen and let us know if you agree or disagree with our view on the world?
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Episode 30 – Apache Software Foundation

So many of the tools and projects we talk about and use every day are prefaced by 6 letters, A P A C H E… What does it mean to be an Apache project? What does the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) do for software? Are there other options? Let us tell you about the ASF!
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Episode 29 – 1 Year anniversary

One year of elephants roaring has come and gone so we reminisce a little bit about what happened over the last year. And since we could not have done this podcast nearly as good without them, we asked the special guests we have had on the podcast over the previous year to call in on the Skype call and talk about what they have been up to.
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