Episode 186 – Roaring News

To counter the current horrible news around the world, we turned to The Register as today’s Guest Publication and tried to find a couple of articles that have a more positive tone. Sadly, even at The Register, things are looking bad for NASA, GitHub and even the British military are looking for help… from Facebook?

Weird that the concept of gravity would be a stranger at NASA…

large amounts of data come with a lot of gravity. Data gravity, that is. At NASA, this was apparently overlooked for a new project where hundreds of petabytes of data are stored on AWS and made available for download by the public.


This is why the overentitled humans cannot have anything nice…

Open source is good. Open source is great. Everything should be open source!

Unfortunately, due to everyday economics, people still want to get paid. So even companies like GitHub that work within the open source environment need to be able to charge for some of their add-on services.


Facebook now truly rules the world.

We’re hoping this article is pulling things a bit out of context and proportions, but I find it quite worrisome that the military, with all the defense budgets they have available, go for what surely must be the least secured chat app out there?

It would be great to hear fro someone involved how WhatsApp was chosen for this…


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