Episode 182- Roaring News

It has been a little while, but here is a regular Roaring News episode where we discuss three articles. First off is an Ozone benchmark followed by an A.I. directed dungeon crawl and we end with a bit of an ethical discussion about some things that scientists get up to these days….

Size matters, but we expected more…

This Cloudera blog with benchmark information about the still in pre-beta Apache Ozone felt rather underwhelming. No big speed increase, quite a bit of slowdown on not so large data-sets. Having only limited details on the resuolts also does not inspire a lot of trust nor engender much enthusiasms. Of course, being pre-beta, there is still a way to go, but this projhect has been in development a for quite a while now… Does it still make sese in an age of cloud computing?

The monster in the corner uses it’s tensorflow model to confuse you…

Text based adventure games are nothing new or that interesting, except when the story itself is “live generated” by an A.I. linguistic neural network. Now rebased on the GPT-2 model, it became a bit of a hit with enthusiasts and left the creator with some monetary difficulties. This article discusses how the original approach was remodeled towards a micro services architecture, avoiding financial ruin.

We can do this, let’s not complicate things with ethics, right?

From time to time we encounter an article about some scientists doing something really… disturbing, I guess. We’ll let you make up your own mind about what side of “the line” this subject lands, but for s it was worthy of some cogitation…

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Author: Jhon Masschelein

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