Episode 164 – Roaring News

Believe it or not, Hadoop is dead, again. In other news, Facebook’s Libra coin is getting more and more boxed in and Microsoft thinks the real world is realy just too ugly to look at during your daily commute. Enjoy!

How much deader can it get?

When Arun Murthy, “father of Yarn” and therefore quite an authority on Hadoop declares said hadoop to be dead (yet again), we take notice.

Now this was published a little while ago but for some reason, we kept putting off talking about it. However, today is the day we tackle this subject, yet again, hopefully for the very last time…


FaceBook will “Libra” your wallet

When Facebook revealed details about their cryptocurrency Libra, the world certainly noticed.

While we shy away from discussing bitcoin variants, this news has been interesting enough, especially the reaction of the world towards this newcomer on the financial markets.


Be gone, ugly reality

Is this an occasion of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality going too far, off the proverbial deep-end or is Microsoft on to something here?

Apart from an in depth discussion on the stylistically merits (or lack thereof) this contraption has, we also discuss the recent history of these type of reality altering technologies.


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