Episode 156 – Roaring News

In this Roaring News episode we start debunking a “85% of companies use multi cloud” statement, look at the future of Data Engineering and are completely astounded at the amount of tracking that happens on the world wide web. We close off with a deeper look at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation open sourcing the Kubernetes audit and go another round on “Smart Data” versus “Big Data”.

Multi-Cloud Confusion


With this first article, we want to do a little bit of debunking what recently has become one of the more hyped statements in the Big Technology space. If you believe “them”, almost every company out there is now operating in multiple clouds!

Now, this does not necessarily need to be a false statement, it just depends on how you define “cloud”. We discuss the different views and offer some advise on how a successful multi-cloud strategy should work. And it immediately illustrates how difficult a real multi-cloud deployment actually is…

Data Engineering of Future Past

This article touches on a few “hot topics” that, according to the author will be what Data Engineers will concentrate on in the coming years. What stuck us wen reading this article was that we kind of accepted these topics to be done and finished today! In our admittedly distorted view, real-time systems and de-coupled bus centric architectures are the way everybody does things today, not something that is still on the horizon.

The last part of the article also discusses how te Data Engineer is getting more and more attached to the less technical business processes.


If you build it, they will track you


Not a new topic by any stretch but a very detailed article that treats the subject with a lot of integrity, not eschewing some self-criticism.


It’s a revealing story with some really excellent imagery that should make you stop and think about how “free” the internet really is. The old adage “if you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer, you’re the product” is clearly still very much truth.


Open source really goes everywhere


In episode 153 we briefly mentioned how the CNCF has open sourced the Kubernetes security audit and in this blog post they give access tot he full audit document. They also aim to repeat this process for other Cloud Native projects, giving priority to the graduated project, as one should expect.

The importance of something lke this can not be overstated, so we spend some time discussing this. Make sure to check out episode 153 too!

Common Sense Anyone?

This Forbes article excels in stating one of the most obvious facts that exixt in Big Data today.

However, it does not hurt to repeat it from time to time since at the beginning of the Data revolution, and actually still continuing today, a lot of projects place way too much importance on the gathering of data when they should pay more attention on what that data is supposed to deliver for the project.

Simply gathering data will not make you r your organization faster or more productive, unless you have the means to get value out of the data.



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