Episode 143 – Spark in Action with author Jean-Georges Perrin (Part 2)

And now for something completely different: a book review! Not something we have done before, but when Jean-Georges Perrin contacted us with the suggestion of taking a deeper look at the “Spark in Action” book he is currently writing, we certainly did not say no! However, in al honesty, we talked about much, much more…

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Manning Publication has been kind enough to give us a couple of download codes for a free eBook version of “Spark in Action“.

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A book review on Spark in Action, second edition with author Jean-Georges Perrin

In the second part we go deeper into the book, going over the available chapters and appendices. We cover a number of topics and concepts like the layout of a typical data lake, the four pillars of Apache Spark and more. We end the interview with a discussion on what it’s like to write a technical book like Spark in Action.

Our thanks to Jean-Georges for spending quite a bit of time with us talking about Apache Spark and to Manning Publication for the free eBook codes!

Find out more about Jean-Georges at his blog: https://jgp.net/

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