Episode 140 – Roaring News

Breaking News

Another week another feed of roaring news articles starting with apparent changes at MapR and the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. We go in depth on the open sourcing of the DataBricks developed Delta Lake and finish with some SQL generated fractals.

Breaking News

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Interactive DWS-DC session dashboard

As I’ve been doing for a while now, I’ve again launched a session statistics dashboard for this event. It can be found at https://aka.ms/DWS2019DC and as usual, this PowerBi dashboard is interactive. simply click on the different elements to filter or drill down.

There’s only 58 sessions listed at the moment. I will be updating it from time to time so keep an eye out for some tweets from @jhonmasschelein if you want to get notified!

R.I.P. MapR?

Our first bit of news is more of a rumor for now: we were pointed towards some messages on LinkedIn that seem to indicate some reorganising is happening there:

We will be following how this develops in the next few weeks.

Best of luck to anyone who is affected!

RHEL version 8 is out!

It’s been a while coming but even though RHEL 7 is still around for a few years, Red Hat has released the next version of their popular Linus distro.Notwithstanding Dave’s horror at the new logo, we’re very exited about this and personally, I am eagerly awaiting the Centos 8 release that should appear in a couple of months

Delta lake Open-Sourced.

A press release from the good folks at DataBricks informs the world that their proprietary data lake storage layer called “Delta Lake” has now been open sourced.

Delta Lake was released by DataBricks at the end of 2017 and was only available on their managed Service offerings in the public clouds, but now anyone can download and deploy.

However, all is not well: we’re having some serious issues with the content of the press release and quite frankly, we’re scratching our heads to find exactly what problem Delta Lake is trying to solve and if it actually does that…

Fractals, SQL-Style!

Just to make Dave happy, we finish this episode off with some great fractal visualizations made with SQL.



Yes, SQL. That’s right!

Click the link to see how the apparently Turing Complete SQL is able to do that.

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