Episode 103 – Apache Pulsar version 2.0 with Matteo and Sijie from Streamlio

Apache Pulsar logo

Matteo and Sijie from Streamlio reached out to us and let us know they had an update on Apache Pulsar. It turned out they had a lot to talk about so we cut the interview in two parts. the first of which was published in episode 101. Here is the second part with information on version 2.0 and the future of the Apache Pulsar project.

Apache Pulsar logo
Apache Pulsar logo

The first subject taken on by Sijie is Pulsar Functions, followed by Matteo talking about the new schema registry and Topic Compaction. With a new major version being released, users will probably want to upgrade so we asked the guys about the upgrade path. The rest of the episode, Matteo and Sijie share what they can regarding the future Pulsar Roadmap.

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