Episode 48 – Alan Gates on the DataWorks Summit (Part 3)

Alan Gates
In this third part of our interview with Alan Gates, PMC member for various Apache projects including Apache Hive and co-founder of Hortonworks, we talk about his sessions at the DataWorks Summits and about the Summits in general.

[Image taken from Linux.com]

00:00 Recent events

Since both Dave and Jhon are still on vacation, this episode was pre-recorded ahead of time. Because of this, we do not have any recent events to talk about.

02:38 Alan Gates on the DataWorks Summit (Part 3)

Since this part of the interview goes public after the San Jose Summit, it is too late to submit abstracts for that particular summit. However, the Australian version is in a couple of months so please go to the DataWorks website for more information about that one.

35:35 End

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