Episode 1 – A new beginning: Getting started in Hadoop

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With all the buzz around big data generally, and Hadoop specifically, there’s never been a better time for getting started in Hadoop. This episode covers how your two hosts got involved in Hadoop, and also discusses some of the other popular paths into the world of BigData/Hadoop

00:00 Recent events

  • How did your hosts get into Hadoop

04:30 main Topic

    • Driven by individuals vs organisations
  • Online education options
  • Formal training

19:20 With Questions from our Listeners:

  • Isn’t it really difficult?
  • Do you need to know Java?
  • Do you need to know SQL?
  • Will I need to throw everything else in my datacentre out?
  • Can I replace my EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse)?
  • Do I have to re-write all my ETL (Extract-Transform-Load)?

36:05 End

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