Raffle Rules

How do you enter the raffles?

Basically, we want you to spread the word about the Roaring Elephant Podcast, in a positive way!

The easiest way to do that is to simply re-tweet the episode tweets. These tweets appear on the @HadoopCast twitter feed. Do feel free to tweet your own message to give us a shout-out; just make sure you have something positive to say about us and have our @Hadoopcast tag in there so that we notice your tweet. Mentioning the episode is fine, but not required.

Other ways to give us a shout-out would be, for example, to talk about the podcast briefly on stage at a meetup or event. But that’s just an example. Feel free to be creative! Do make sure to upload a video or blog post with pictures so that we can see it!

When you tweet a message with our @HadoopCast tag, we can see that on twitter. For all other shout-outs, make sure to post a comment on the blog post for the current episode. Note: do not use the feedback form. Leave a comment on the episode blog post.

How many raffle tickets can I get?

A raffle will run one or multiple episodes, depending on the size of the price. Typically we will tease a raffle on a show and then have one or more “raffle shows” where you can win a raffle ticket. You can get one raffle ticket per episode for every channel you do a shout-out. Of course we would be delighted if you give us multiple shout-outs for every episode, but you will get one raffle ticket per episode per channel.

For instance, when a raffle runs over three episodes, you can get three raffle tickets for every channel you use, if and only if you give us at least one shout-out for every one of those three episodes. Doing three shout-outs for a single episode on a single channel, will only gain you one raffle ticket. A “channel” can be for example, but not limited to, Twitter, YouTube, Blog posts, etc… as described in the previous paragraph.

  • Example:
    • For raffle episode 1, you tweet about the Roaring Elephant Podcast and you put up a Blog post that mentions us.
      • 2 raffle tickets, one for the tweet and one for the blog.
    • For raffle episode 2, you tweet about us three times.
      • 1 raffle ticket for using the twitter channel.
    • For raffle episode 3, you tweet about it twice and upload a video showing you mentioning the Podcast at an event.
      • 2 raffle tickets, one for tweeting and one for the video.
    • Total: 5 raffle tickets to enter the draw.

Again, please do feel free to be creative. Any other public mention of the podcast will get you a raffle ticket. (just make sure you let us know about it!) Having multiple raffle tickets will obviously give you a better chance to win the prize.

Listen to the podcast; we will not mention the raffles, or the winners, in the show notes!

How is the winner determined and announced?

Once the time to enter for a raffle ends, we will put all raffle tickets in a digital hat and pull out the lucky winner and one alternate. We will announce the winner and the alternate on the next episode and they then have a week to get in touch with us.

If we do not hear from the winner within that period, the prize will go to the alternate. If both the winner and the alternate do not contact us within that period, the prize will be returned to the sponsor.

Listen to the podcast; we will not mention the raffles, or the winners, in the show notes!

How do you get your prize?

If the prize is digital, you will receive it by email. If the prize is physical, we will pass on your contact details to the sponsor and they will contact you.

What if …?

If you don’t like the prize, the sponsor, the raffle rules or us, don’t enter the raffle. Else, just trust us to do right thing.

We do retain the right to refuse a shout-out if we find it to be “wrong”. And yes, we will be the sole judge on what “wrong” means in every specific situation.

January 17, 2017
Jhon Masschelein